Tauranga, 19th September 2019 - Mental Health for Leaders

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Tauranga, 19th September 2019 - Mental Health for Leaders


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19th September 2019 - Tauranga

The Mental Health for Leaders workshop is aimed at educating and preparing leaders to provide psychologically safe work environments where everyone has the best chance at thriving.

This workshop focuses on Columbia Universities three aspects of Leadership:

1. Leading self

2. Leading others

3. Leading the business

Leaders will be provided with an introduction to mental health, understanding of brain functioning and how to use this knowledge to create thriving teams and psychologically safe workplace cultures.

This workshop will also look at how leaders can be more strategic in their approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, introducing strategies and tools to support a psychologically safe workforce.

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Introduction to Mental Health

• Definitions

• Statistics

• Common mental disorders

• Common mental health challenges at work

Understanding how to lead the human brain

• Learn the brain’s functions and limitations

• The brain when stressed, fatigued and burnt out

• Cognitive biases

• What we may see in ourselves and others and what we need to do

Leading the business

• Mental Health and wellbeing strategy

• Management practices

• Governance

• Risks

• Culture

Facilitator This workshop is designed and facilitated by Psychologists who specialise in mental health in the workplace.

The facilitator for this programme is Bridget Jelley; Bridget is our Health and Wellbeing expert and is a registered Psychologist. Bridget has effectively improved the health and wellbeing of people in some of the most formidable operating environments such as mining, hospital emergency departments and prisons.

To see Bridget’s full Bio, please follow the link: https://www.theeffect.co.nz/meet-the-team/

Date: 19th September 2019
Time: 9:30 - 3:30
Location: Yet to be confirmed
Who is this for: Leaders and key decision makers