Christchurch, 20th November 2019 - Introduction to Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Christchurch, 20th November 2019 - Introduction to Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace


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20th November 2019 - Christchurch

Are you managing all the hazards in your environment? Are you aware of the mental health and wellbeing risks in your workforce?

According to a report released by the Mental Health Commissioner 50-80% of New Zealanders will experience a mental health or an addiction problem in their lifetime. That is a large portion of our population and we can probably safely assume that a lot of these kiwis are in the workforce.

So how do we manage Mental Health and Well-being risks in the work environment when we don’t even know what the risks are?

This workshop will kick start off how you can identify and manage risks in your workplace for your people, so you can feel reassured that you are doing everything you can to create happy and safe work environments where your people can thrive.

The day includes:

1.      UNDERSTAND and remove the myths and biases of mental health in the workplace
2.      IDENTIFY the main hazards to mental health and wellbeing in your workplace
3.      MANAGE any situations or potential situations that could arise in your workplace. You will receive tools and resources to take away to put into place straight away

4. CREATE a psychologically safe environment at your workplace that sets your people up to present and productive

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The Mental Health Survey 2013/14 found that 200,000 kiwis experienced a mental health condition in the last four weeks and that Mental health for kiwis is the third leading cause of health loss behind cancers and vascular blood disorders.

And this data is just from people who have sought out assistance, this does not include those who have not.

New Zealand’s workplace incident rates are inexcusably high and rightly deserve our attention, addressing our failures in relation to worker safety should not excuse us continuing to ignore our even greater failures in relation to our workforces Mental Health and Well-being.

Changes in our workforce means that there are changes in the types of hazards we face. People at work are now at a greater risk of developing Mental Health and Well-being problems and stress related disease, than having a workplace accident (Duncan, 2016).


This workshop is designed and facilitated by Psychologists who specialise in mental health in the workplace.

The facilitator for this programme is Bridget Jelley; Bridget is our Health and Wellbeing facilitator and is a registered Psychologist. Bridget has effectively improved the health and wellbeing of people in some of the most formidable operating environments such as mining, hospital emergency departments and prisons.

To see Bridget’s full Bio, please go to the About/Meet the Team section on this site.

Morning Tea and lunch will be provided on the day

Date: 20th November 2019
Time: 9:30 - 3:30
Location: Yet to be confirmed
Who is this for: Leaders, HR or anyone who wants to learn more about Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.