We exist to empower businesses and people to be great

How we do this is through using what science tells us about people and behaviour and applying that to business. Business problems are usually people problems, and when you invest in your people, the business problems resolve themselves. This is where we come in.

Our business is people. We have dedicated our careers to doing what we need to do to understand how people tick and developing our knowledge and skills so we can really make a difference. It is therefore important to us that we are not only up to date with what the latest literature is telling us from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Business, but that we also measure what we do. Otherwise how do you know what you are doing actually works? We then take all that great knowledge to design effective and lasting solutions for our clients through consulting, coaching and training. 

We work with organisations who care about their people like we do and who want everybody to have the opportunity to be great not only at work but also at life.

“This course provided me with the skills on how to manage my staff better. It opened my eyes to seeing how much  people matter and not just concentrating on “getting the job done”. It also caused me to look at myself and my life balance rather than just focusing on work”.

- Dave Mens - IT Manager- Architectual Profiles Ltd

Our achievements are your achievements

The Effect has been providing people solutions to businesses in the Waikato and nationally for over ten years. We are very fortunate to have developed strong partnerships with some amazing businesses out there who really value their people. Through combining our expertise with your expertise, we are building great people, great business and ultimately a great community.

We are pretty proud of some of the things we have achieved over the years, but we are more proud of what our clients have gone on to achieve and are very grateful to have been part of their journey.