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The Human Element

No matter what you sell, your business is about people.

Businesses are built on processes and systems, but run by people - and there is no process or system that cannot be sabotaged by bad behaviour. The good news is you can now measure, predict and understand human behaviour and emotions, and use this knowledge to create more effective individuals, teams and organisations.

The Human Element suite is a powerful and systematic approach for improving the way people work together. Based on FIRO theory and linking to the MBTI, it can build on or underlie other training initiatives to improve individual, team and organisational performance.

Our Human Element tools and programmes diagnose the root cause of behaviours and provide the tools to effect profound behavioural change; reducing defensiveness and eliminating the distortions that sabotage motivation and relationships.

The Human Element gives individuals, teams and organisations:

  • Increased emotional and social intelligence
  • Enhanced motivation and engagement
  • Improved collaboration
  • Greater personal clarity, focus and conviction
  • More authenticity
  • Increased trust
  • Greater personal satisfaction and work/life balance

Get the tools to understand and develop 'the human element' of your organisation!

As the exclusive Australasian distributor of The Human Element, The Effect offers the following instruments, along with the certification to use them:

Element B: Behaviour

Element F: Feelings

Element S: Self

Element E: Self Esteem

Element W: Work relations

Element C: Close relations

Element P: Parental relationships

Element O: Organisational climate

Element T: Truth

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