Health, Wellbeing and Safety

Why explore a Health, Wellbeing and Safety Culture that looks different from the traditional Health and Safety Culture?

Simply because you want all your people to be healthy, happy and safe at work every day.  Having a culture where everyone is fully engaged in Health and Safety because they want to, not because they have to is the desired outcome.  When people start to take ownership and responsibility for their own behaviours around their Health, Wellbeing and Safety, they start to own everything as a whole.  It then becomes not just about a Health, Wellbeing and Safety culture, it becomes about each individual and the organisation in its entirety.

Through the disciplines of psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience we are equipped to understand people’s attitudes around their own Health, Wellbeing and Safety.   We don’t focus on compliance of rules and regulations, we focus on the ‘how to’.  How to get people motivated and engaged with not only Health and Safety but also their Wellbeing, which we see as the axis from which Health and Safety spins on.

Get The Effect of:  

  • Changing the mindset
  • Why care about Health, Wellbeing and Safety
  • Why are we serial offenders in Health, Wellbeing and Safety
  • Why self-management and accountability is the key
  • Raising the awareness of risk
  • Creating a culture of care

Health, Wellbeing and Safety features:

  • Use of psychological theory and models
  • Fun and highly interactive learning
  • Partner with you to gather and/or use existing data to inform training needs
  • Customised to suit your individual requirements and outcomes

We would be happy to discuss with you your experiences and needs to gain positive engagement for your people to be healthy, happy and safe at work.

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