Psychological Risk Management

Psychosocial Risk Factors have been identified as a major contemporary challenge for organisations over the following decade and in order for us to protect our people, we must think of risk management not only in the ‘Physical’ sense, but also in the Psychological sense. It is the duty of all organisations to ensure that risks in both domains are assessed and controlled.

We work with you to embed a Psychological Risk Management plan into your organisation. With the latest research, our Psychologists will guide you and give the tools to succeed in protecting your people and your environments. Download our informational flyer for more information.


Risk Analysis

Risk identification is a key component of this process and will deliver key outcomes for organisations to act on. Using our risk analysis software, we will be able to accurately and proactively analyse where the Psychosocial Risk Factors are.


Comprehensive reporting

The risk analysis allows for in depth and comprehensive reporting on the current states of an organisation. Without accurate investigation, a proper diagnosis cannot occur. Reporting allows the exploration of risks and informs decision making.



Key insights allow recommendations to be made on best practice for any organisation. With data, we are able to inform strategic decision making and enable long term intervention and risk management.

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