Thursday, 20 Dec 2012
The key determinant of business performance today is leadership. As there is no system or process that cannot be sabotaged by people we are dependent on leaders who can confidently inspire people towards a shared vision and set of objectives.  Leadership today is not for the weak or timid.... more
Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012
In our modern world, we really do ‘choose our own adventure’.  With the pace of business and lifestyle ever-increasing and constantly competitive demands on our time, resources and creativity, we can only keep up by surviving or thriving.  What do surviving and thriving... more
Monday, 10 Sep 2012
Collaboration could be the answer to some big questions posed by the results of a leading Australasian leadership survey. The latest findings from Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) in the 2012 Leadership, Employment and Direction (L.E.A.D) survey uncovered four key issues that are... more
Tuesday, 07 Aug 2012
World-renowned American collaboration expert Jim Tamm will make his first visit to Australian shores next month, just in time to teach organisations down-under the skills to reverse some unsettling trends revealed by a recent Australasian-wide workplace and engagement... more
Friday, 02 Mar 2012
Whether we talk about personal power, choice or self responsibility we cannot take it for granted that everyone knows how to step to the position of self responsibility.  In the work of The Human Element, Will Schutz invites us to look at the truth concept and explore the consequences of... more