We are all about the psychological health and safety of people at work


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Access all you need to learn about growing and managing the psychological health of your people through our online programmes.


Are you concerned about the Health and well-being of your people?

So are we.

There are good reasons to be concerned. One in four experience mental health challenges and these people are at work! It costs the average employer $1500 per person per year in lost productivity as a consequence of poor mental health.

So how do we fit in? We are workplace Psychologists that are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills in how to help people and organisations with their psychological health and well-being. We are trained in this area!

We all understand physical health and safety, but for some reason the psychological health and safety bit has not been so clear. This is what we focus on and we love it! So any interaction you have with us will not be boring we can promise you that, as our passion and enthusiasm for this really important area is infectious!