What’s online wellbeing training for business all about?

Well-being is the secret INGREDIENT to having an awesome workplace …

Seriously, it is! If everyone is doing well both physically and mentally then they are going to do well at work! As an employer or leader you care about your people, but maybe you are just not sure what the heck you are meant to do? Let us help you out here. We’ve got your back. We have put together an online programme that is simple, and convenient to complete and doesn’t require you to take time off work. Our training is practical and simple, but comprehensive enough to equip your business to protect and support the wellbeing of your people - and as a byproduct you will create an awesome work environment where there is less stress, less issues and more productivity!

Is this programme going to work for your kind of business?

This programme is very flexible, and was designed for businesses that:

  • are small to medium sized

  • operate in the construction, agriculture or trade industries

  • don’t necessarily have the HR or H&S structures or resources to implement mental health processes

  • don’t have the time to learn a heap of complicated stuff

  • have no or limited previous experience and knowledge about mental health or how to support it in the workplace

  • need an easy to use and convenient way to get up to speed with managing mental health responsibly in their business

  • want something practical and specific that will give them tools they can start trying immediately.

Why invest in the wellbeing of your people?


Watch this short clip for a quick look into how this type of programme can support you and your business.

Mental wellbeing is one of the most valuable business assets – like any asset it can be developed, maintained
or neglected
— Wellplace.nz
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Convenient & Flexible

Do the course from anywhere at any time to fit around you

Revisit training to refresh your memory

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Cost Saving

Save money by acting early and avoiding the fallout of unmanaged mental health

With online learning you won’t lose productivity by taking study leave

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Our modules are made to be completed quickly with no unnecessary fluff

Evidence Based

Our content is based on proven strategies and findings from around the globe

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Self Paced

Learn at your own speed - the modules will be ready when you are

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Leading Edge

Learn from leaders in the field - our team of psychologists share their expertise


What will you learn??

Lots of stuff!!! There is a lot information out there on the world wide web which can make it a bit tricky to know what is credible information and what is not. So what we have done is consolidated all the credible information and prepared it in a way that is digestible. We also teach you the skills that goes with all that information so that you can actually do something with it!

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • What is mental health?

  • What is mental disorder?

  • Stress and how to keep on top of that shit

  • Managing difficult relationships - yours and others

  • Recognising poor health

  • How to have a difficult conversation about mental health

  • What to do if a mental health conversation goes pear-shaped

  • How to continue to support your team when you’ve already tried everything

  • What to do when the shit hits the fan (mental health emergency)

  • What professionals you can go to for what

  • Drugs and alcohol in the workplace, what to do about it

  • The suicide conversation

  • Dealing with loss

  • How to get work life balance

  • How to switch off

  • Getting some decent sleep

  • Why steak and cheese pies might not be the ideal breakfast

  • How to manage the well-being of your team

  • How to deal with poor performance where mental health may be contributing to the issue

  • Identifying the risks to mental health and well being in your work environment

Still not sure what it’s all about? Contact us for more information.

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