Do you have people who would benefit from some one on one development?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone.

But what is Coaching?

Coaching is defined as a 'process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective' (Peterson & Hicks, 1995). In our business, our coaches are Psychologists. Coaching psychology can be understood as being the systematic application of behavioral science to the enhancement of life experience, work performance and well-being for individuals, groups and organisations (Grant, 2006).

Behind every successful sportsperson and team is a coach

And the same goes for individuals and teams at work. Coaching is proving to be a very successful platform for businesses to further develop their people. Coaching can slot into busy schedules and can be tailored to both the individual and the team. Sometimes it takes someone who is not part of the organisation or who is not too close to the challenges to be able to help individuals and groups see the wood from the trees. What makes our coaches different is that they are Psychologists with extensive training and expertise in understanding human behavior. So you will not only be getting a coach, you will be getting your own Psychologist.

We provide individual and group coaching programmes for those who have goals that they are wanting to achieve.

Our Coaching offerings

  • Emerging leaders

  • Executive coaching

  • Psychological support

  • Confidence building

  • Senior leader mentoring

  • Well-being

  • Resilience

  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Personality Assessment