Wilson's Story

Work with us and before long, you'll become acquainted with Wilson.

The Tom Hanks movie Castaway contained a character called Wilson (a volleyball that Hank's character Chuck talks to).  Our Wilson represents the conversations we have with ourselves on a daily basis - as much as 150 - 300 words of self-talk every minute.

Self-talk conversations can be positive or negative, but research shows a tendency towards self-talk having a negative impact on us.

Wilson represents our self-talk: we bring him alive via a cheeky face and purple hair.  Wilson allows people to share their limiting beliefs and fears - and once we are conscious of our self-talk, the brain is able to build new paradigms and ways of thinking and feeling.

As a tool, Wilson has helped many people tap into their limitless potential.  He gives confidence and the ability to laugh at ourselves.  Wilson is an important reminder that what we think becomes who we are.

What does your Wilson tell you?  Learn more about your Wilson in The Human Element Cornerstone (MEQ) Masterclass.