Our People



Bridget Jelley - Director

Bridget is zealous about the application of Psychology to Business. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology Bridget draws from various philosophical underpinnings to produce successful outcomes within the people development space.

Mining, utilities, airline, government, not for profit and local councils are some of the industries of which Bridget has worked in, giving her a breadth of exposure to various types of business and people. Her skills range from leadership, conflict resolution, career counselling, team and individual coaching, general counselling, team building, recruitment, and culture transformation.

Bridget is fascinated with human behaviour, and gains great satisfaction through assisting organisations and clients through the challenges that come with simply being human. With a warm, energetic and determined approach to her work, Bridget engages people through experiential learning allowing for those light bulb moments to occur and clarity to be gained.


Jacqui Neilson - Client Relationship Manager

Jacqui has joined the Effect as our Client Relationship Manager. Responsible for building customer relationships, managing accounts, and providing solutions that facilitate positive alliances between individuals, companies and their customers.

She brings to the team over 18 years experience in event management, brand building, marketing and communication strategy, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and client service. As a business owner herself she is passionate about building great stakeholder relationships and prides herself on her ability to achieve successful outcomes.






Denise Overend-Clarke - Business Facilitator

Denise focuses on closing the gap between what people know and what they do. Her passion is in facilitating learning and coaching performance, helping people find practical solutions to increase success in their lives.

With a background in owning and managing small business, Denise has been involved in business facilitation since 1999 and has gained a reputation for her ability to communicate ideas clearly, effectively and with resonance. Her style is dynamic and interactive as she believes learning should be enjoyable and effective with results evident in people’s lives.

Denise’s expertise includes time management and personal effectiveness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence in leadership, and she is a qualified practitioner in Jungian Psychological Type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and our exclusive suite of work, The Human Element. She is a group fitness instructor for Les Mills, and has a diploma in Sports Studies, certificates in Adult Teaching and Literacy and Numeracy, and a BA Psychology.


Helen Moran - Business Facilitator

Helen's passion and enthusiasm for professional development result in innovative and dynamic training solutions. Her fun, energetic personality guarantees that her sessions are always interactive and stimulating, while a strong international business background enables her to provide a highly relevant learning experience for immediate application in the workplace.

Helen has a reputation for encouraging and engaging people to embrace new concepts and try new skills by using a mix of practical and creative facilitation techniques."My goal is for every participant on every session to leave feeling inspired and motivated to strive for personal and organisational excellence" says Helen.

Helen's professional career has provided experience in sales and customer service management, coaching and recruitment within a broad range of industries including publishing, advertising, telecommunications and agriculture. She brings huge insight and experience into designing and delivering exciting and innovative training which stretches each individual and team to be the best they can be.


Stacey Bowden - Business Facilitator

Stacey is a Registered Psychologist and holds a Masters of Social Science (majoring psychology).. She is passionate and competent in working with group dynamics, motivating and coaching change behaviour as well as assessment and treatment of dysfunction and mental health issues. Stacey enjoys inspiring individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. A favourite whakatauki (quote) of Stacey’s is “from a small acorn, a mighty oak can grow”.

Stacey’s professional career has provided experience in educational psychology, Corrections, mental health diagnosis and treatment, leadership roles, Tikanga Maori and grief counselling. Stacey also has a background in owning and managing small business.

She has an empathetic style and client centred approach which allows others to share vulnerabilities and recognise their inner strengths. She is well versed in conflict resolution, effective communication, team building, group facilitation and individual counselling.  Stacey believes people learn best when they are actively involved in the process and this is reflected in her facilitation approach.


Di Lemm - Business Facilitator

“There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing learning in action. Of seeing the ‘aha’ moments as individuals begin to understand more about themselves.”

Di is a strong believer that facilitation is best delivered through interactive engagement. This experiential process of learning by doing, underpins her passion for coaching that assists people to understand themselves

As an experienced Learning and Development practitioner, Di takes a consultative approach at all levels. She strives to provide high quality Learning and Development programs that balance long term vision with measurable results.

A qualified Jungian Psychological (Myers Briggs), qualified career coach, with a Bachelor in Nursing, and a Grad Diploma in Business Di is well qualified to deliver results in her specialist area of communications skills, team work and one on one coaching.

Di has a reputation for commitment, integrity, promoting a positive work environment and an ability to set and achieve goals.

With a strong understanding of adult learning, and well-developed interpersonal skills, Di has enjoyed success in public health organisations and the largest private surgical hospital in New Zealand.

  Annette Ryan - Business Facilitator

 Annette is passionate about people and about business. It is this passion which drives her to make a significant difference with the people and organisations she works with, both individually and strategically.

A career pathway built on an 18 year platform of health and fitness training and business ownership saw Annette enter the academic world of business management whilst in a CEO role. Interested in the lack of motivation, collaboration and commitment by many individuals in the workplace, she went on to study human behaviour in the United States of America, followed by further study in the United Kingdom.

Her practical knowledge and skills, through years of managing and owning her own businesses, personal academic learning and business facilitation, allow Annette to understand and relate to the ever changing business world. She believes in challenging people and organisations to transition to higher levels of performance and does this by imparting her knowledge and practicality whilst keeping a firm grasp on the organisational goals.

Annette's passion for people and organisations has been well received at many speaking events, and her expertise is sought after throughout NZ and Australia.