Our International Partners

The Effect offers an exclusive suite of globally leading tools and methods via international partnerships with BCon Network (USA) and JCA Organisational Psychologists (UK).


JCA (Occupational Psychologists) Ltd are market leaders in the UK in the assessment and development of Emotional Intelligence.

Their suite of products for assessing and developing Emotional Intelligence in teams, individuals and the organisation are based on extensive work in conjunction with the Centre for Applied Emotional Intelligence (CAEI). The assessment products include online questionnaires and a range of feedback and development guides.

Our partnership with JCA gives us exclusive rights to provide the instruments and certification training in the Emotional Intelligence Profile and Emotional Intelligence Team Profile products.

Business Consultants Network, Inc

Business Consultants Network, Inc. has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, and is a subsidiary of Business Consultants, Inc. (BCon), one of the largest training and consulting firms in Japan.

A global network of highly innovative, certified trainers and agents, BCon help organisations solve problems, improve performance, and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Our partnership with BCon Network gives us exclusive rights to promote, provide, and certify in the tools of The Human Element®, Radical Collaboration®, and Implicit Career Search® throughout Australasia.

The Human Element Worldwide

The Human Element is a globally leading and research-validated approach for improving the way people work together leading to greater accomplishment of goals and better individual, team, and organizational performance.